Bridging Futures

Digital Balais for Rural Empowerment

After “When the World Met Miss Probinsyana”, what is next?

It's clear that the journey doesn't end with the credits. The film not only shared a powerful story but also sparked a conversation about digital literacy and opportunity in our rural areas. Our next step? Turning this awareness into action by establishing digital training hubs in select rural communities. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and open up new opportunities for our kababayans.


The creation of an Educational Foundation for AI and Digital Skills in rural areas through the establishment of Digital BalAI (Building AI and Digital Learning Hubs).


Objectives of the Digital BalAI Initiative

The core of this proposal revolves around the development of 'Digital BalAI' innovative coworking spaces designed to bridge the digital divide in the countryside. This supports the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s existing projects in the establishment of local Digital Transformation Centers or Digital Hubs. Our objectives are twofold:

Enhancing Digital Connectivity and Accessibility:

Recognizing the critical role of the internet in modern education and employment, these BalAIs will provide reliable internet connectivity. This is not merely about access; it's about ensuring that rural communities are not left behind in an increasingly digital world.

Empowerment Through Education, Training and Networking:

Each BalAI will serve as a center for learning, skill development and access to mentors. By hosting various training programs, we aim to equip local residents with the digital skills necessary for the modern workplace, thus expanding their employment opportunities.

This initiative is inspired by the themes of the film, "When the World Met Miss Probinsyana," which sheds light on the struggles and aspirations of rural women in the realms of education, employment, and technology. Through this symbiotic relationship between the film and the Digital BalAI, we aim to create a tangible impact that resonates with the film's message and brings sustainable development to rural areas.


Partnership Model

We propose a unique partnership model where partner sponsors and organizations can sell film tickets as part of their fundraising activities. This model is designed to be mutually beneficial: XX% of the proceeds from ticket sales will support your organization's cause, while the remaining XX% will be allocated to the development of the Digital BalAI. This partnership is an opportunity to engage with your audience, support a meaningful cause, and raise funds for your own initiatives.

Benefits for Partner Sponsors and Organizations

By joining this initiative, your organization will not only contribute to a noble cause but also gain significant benefits:

Community Impact:

Directly contribute to the empowerment of rural communities through digital education and employment opportunities.

Brand Visibility:

Associate your brand with a socially responsible initiative, enhancing your public image and appeal.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Align your CSR goals with a project that has a tangible, lasting impact on underprivileged communities.

Advocacy and Awareness:

Conduct outreach programs, seminars, and media campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of AI and digital skills education in rural areas.

Digital BalAI Model

Inspired by successful models like the Rural Hub, each Digital Balai will feature:


High-Speed Internet Access:

To ensure seamless digital connectivity.

Training Facilities:

Equipped for a variety of educational and skill-building programs.

Community Spaces:

For collaboration, networking, and community events.

Location Strategy:

Strategically located in areas where such facilities are most needed.

Telework PH, Partner Training Organizations and Digital BalAI

Telework PH and our partner training organizations play an integral role in the success of these Digital BalAIs in various capacities:

1. Training and Skill Development:

Telework PH could develop and deliver targeted training programs tailored for rural communities, focusing on digital literacy, English proficiency, and specialized skills needed for remote work.

2. Resource Provision:

The company can equip these hubs with necessary technology, such as computers, software, and other digital tools that are essential for training and employment in the digital economy.

3. Job Placement Services:

Telework PH can act as a bridge between the rural talent trained in these hubs and global employment opportunities, matching skilled individuals with remote jobs that suit their capabilities.

4. Community Engagement:

By hosting workshops, seminars, and community events, Telework PH can foster a sense of community and ensure the balais are utilized to their full potential.

5. Internet Connectivity:

Telework PH could collaborate with internet service providers or invest in infrastructure to ensure that these digital balais have the high-speed internet connectivity necessary for both training and remote work.

6. Continuous Learning:

Implementing an online platform for continuous learning and upskilling can help the community stay updated with the latest skills and industry trends.


Budget and Funding

A detailed budget for the establishment and operation of the Digital Balai will be provided upon request. The funds raised through our film ticket sales partnership will form a crucial part of our financing plan, supplemented by additional fundraising and potential grants, and as well as government budget allocated for Gender and Development.

Implementation Plan

Our timeline for the Digital Balai initiative is as follows:


Phase 1:

Site selection and infrastructure development.

Phase 2:

Setting up internet connectivity and training facilities.

Phase 3:

Launch of the Balai and initiation of training programs.

Phase 4:

Regular assessment and expansion based on community needs and feedback.


Call for Support

This partnership offers a unique opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of rural Filipinos. By supporting the Digital Balai initiative, we can collectively foster a more inclusive and empowered society.

We invite you to join us in this journey of transformation and impact. For further discussion and to explore this partnership in more detail, please contact us at or visit